Does that New Mattress Need a Platform?

More people than ever are buying mattresses online. Memory foam, variations of foam, and durable polymers cost less online and will conveniently roll up to fit in a manageable sized box. Once it arrives, simple roll it out on a flat surface and wait until it resumes its original thickness and shape. Memory foam mattress toppers go directly on the mattress and are typically three to six inches thick.

Full-Sized Mattresses

A complete mattress ranges anywhere from eight to sixteen-inches in height and most are available in the same standard sizes as coil mattresses. Twin, full, queen, king, and sometimes California King are offered depending on the manufacturer. Some mattresses are designed to provide maximum support and comfort without a frame or platform. If the mattress is made with a thick base layer of dense foam, it will hold shape and support right out of the box.

Types of Platforms Available

Other manufacturers recommend the mattress be placed on some type of platform to keep it stable and prevent sagging. That platform simply must be flat, able to withstand the weight of the mattress, and stationery. Traditional bed frames, futon bases, raised planks, and bunk-bed frames will all work well. Some offer optional minimalist platforms to accompany the new mattress. People considering new memory foam mattresses will find out details on the manufacturer website, or a number of sites that provide mattress guides.


Mattresses that do not require a platform can still be placed on one if the customer prefers. Headboards and foot-boards are not necessary but are often added to match the décor in the bedroom. Manufacturers that make a complete line of bedroom furniture will have several choices for platforms, bedroom sets, and nightstands. The extent of the purchase depends on the budget, the space available, the needs, and the desires of the buyer.

Existing Frames

Shoppers on a budget can use their existing frames instead of buying new ones. It is tempting to get all new furniture for the bedroom but more important to use available funds to get the highest quality mattress possible. New frames or platforms can always be added at a later time when money is not so tight.