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Points to Note when Choosing a Metal Fabrication Shop

Metal structures are made through fabrication process, which involves various steps. These processes are cutting and burning of the raw material then welding it to make it ready for machining and assembling to the final product. When carrying out a close bid for the fabrication works, invite the selected companies to visit the site and quote for the project. If it will be through an open tender, advertise the project through the available media channels. Below are points to note when sourcing for a metal fabrication shop.

What is the capability of the fabrication company? Another factor to consider is the financial ability of the fabricators in relation to handling your project. Choose a financially stable fabrication company who will be able to handle the kind of project in question. The company should provide documents showing their financial capabilities to handle the project when tendering for the project. Analyzing the company’s bank statements for a given period can demonstrate whether the company is financially stable. Seek to see the previous projects of an almost equivalent amount as your project that the company has handled. Award the fabrication project to fabricators who have handled projects of the same or higher amount.

Does the company has enough employees to handle the project? To be able to complete a large project, several technicians and fabricators will be needed. During the tendering committee evaluation meeting, focus on the documents which the fabricating company has indicated the size of their workforce.

Consider the king of machinery and equipment the company has invested. This includes the availability of enough equipment, tools, machinery, etc. Having the right equipment and machines in place will allow the fabricating company to perform the project with ease and meet the deadline.

What is the cost of the project? However, the cost of the project should not be the only important factor to be considered. Quality should always supersede the cost of the project. Prepare an estimated budget of the whole project in advance.

Another factor to consider is the position of the company in regards to its registration and licensing. The engineering body certifies the fabricating companies that has met all the requirements. Ensure you see the copies of the certifications and Licenses.

Another factor to consider is the level of experience with the fabrication shop. From their previous clients, you can gauge the quality of work the company has been producing over the years. You can also seek to see recommendation letter from the fabricators previous clients. Alternatively, your company can privately write to the clients seeking to know the quality of work and their work ethics.

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